Agriculture Products

Biskom offer wide range of products under agriculture products. Biskom has been a supplier of Corn, Rice, Dairy, Beans, Wheat, Lentils, Sugar, Cotton, Cocoa and lot more.

We can deliver products as per your packaging selection and different quantities.

Cotton and Wool also available

Wheat, Flours, Lentils, Beans, Barn, Cocoa and more

Corns available in bulk quantities

All types of Rice are available

Milk, Butter, Eggs, Cheese of many kinds

White sugar, Brown sugar available in bulk quantities

More Commodity Products


Dried Fruits or Vegetables, Nuts and more

Olive oil, Coconut Oil and alot more

Vermicellis, Macaroni and lot more

Pepper, Spices, Chilli and other powders

Wide range of cereal varieties available

Meat Products


Fresh Meat of Chicken, Duck, Lamb, Turkey & Beef

Fish and Shell fish of many kinds

Frozen meat and chicken